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Comma Butterfly
If you like butterflies, flowers or bad poetry I recommend my local tour

14-15 puzzle - put the numbers in order

On this site you can find out about my interests, and hear music and see images made on my computer - and download the programs I wrote and used to make them.

If you are using a Windows PC and have access to both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox you may find it interesting to view some of my pages with both browsers. I try to exploit the special features of browsers, which means that some weaknesses are shown up as well: if you see an ugly greyish box around the butterfly on the right, then your browser does not support transparent images properly.

Besides the 14-15 puzzle on this page there is a game, to which you can find a link on the beer page, and a quiz.

Everything on this site is family friendly. A few sites I have links to contain some material unsuitable for young children, indicated like this: PG

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