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Work on Spirofractal is still taking place, but on an irregular basis. Please note that the purchase information included in the download is no longer correct. Please refer to the following updated Registration information.

Many of the more recent images in the fractal gallery can only be created with the author's development version of Spirofractal, not the version available here. The development version has a lot of support for images created using hyperbolic geometry, Kleinian Limit sets (including many types of cusp group, elliptic commutator groups, and groups with various polyhedral symmetries). It supports color symmetries of tessellations in all three plane geometries, and supports a far wider range of ways of modifying and coloring images of all types. It also has advanced support for creating Julia set images: the program can now locate points with especially interesting Julia sets such as Misiurewicz/pre-periodic points, bud boundary points, the quasi-circle boundary, and super-stable points.

Visit the support information page for information on new features, FAQs, bugs etc.

You don't need to download the screen saver version if you download the full version (and it won't install either). Do not install the screen saver version over an earlier release of the full program.

Spirofractal is shareware, available in various formats:

Registration covers all formats. If you like Spirofractal please pay for it. The price is 7 (GBP) (approximately $10-11 US). I would suggest that no more than seven days are required for evaluation. Instructions on how to register and pay are included in the help file that comes with the program. It is important to follow these instructions carefully to ensure I can process your order correctly! In case of difficulty please refer to the support page, or you may e-mail me at the address shown on my home page.

All downloads are supplied as Zip files. Click on the appropriate link and choose "Save this file to disk". If you are using Netscape you may be warned of a security hazard. You can ignore this if you trust me. When the download is complete open the Zip file with WinZip and run the setup program install.exe (after doing a virus-scan if you are so inclined). WinZip will help you to do the rest.

Download shareware full Spirofractal (v4.0) (2.4 Mb)  
Download shareware full Spirofractal (v4.0)
(750Kb upgrade from v3.0)
Download shareware Spirofractal screen saver. (v4.0) (325 Kb)
Small download!
You can find rival programs on the Mathematical screen savers page!
Download shareware Spirofractal desktop theme (v3.0) (1.8Mb)